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Established in 1996


Relax, Rejuvinate, Retreat
Adventure, Explore, Discover
Join Us In This Paradisiacal Wonderland


On the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii

Twin Dolphin Retreat
Guest Book

What retreat and vacationing guests have written about their experiences.


my husband Nick and I want to Thank You so very much for our amazing swim with the dolphins last November. Other than us visiting with our sons on the Island of Kauai, our experience with you that morning was the highlight of our two week, four island visit to Hawaii! I can't tell you how many times my thoughts turn to that morning as such a special experience that has truly gotten "under my skin" and makes me long for more, more, more! You were so patient with me and my friend Laurie who were both new to snorkeling. We appreciated your warm Aloha spirit and it helped us to enjoy our experience and really take it all in. There were times I had to remind myself that I wasn't sitting in my living room watching in on TV -- when I think of that even now, I get goose bumps!
Warm wishes for the New Year, Leann and Nick Kalergis

Sheoli, I would like to acknowledge and thank you once again for the love and honest communication you extended to me in last weeks retreat. I have noticed a lot of change since my return to the corporate investment banking universe. I am aware of being still and centered. I have also noticed I have been relating to women totally differently in my work environment and receiving a much more positive response than prior to the retreat. I realize that it was what I was projecting that was causing communication breaks. I have really worked hard at being in the moment rather than drifting off into my past or dwelling on some negative geopolitical event occurring somewhere on the planet. I am also aware of the negative chatter that is often in my mind.
I had an amazing experience last Sunday, when I was hunting for a present for my wife's birthday. I let my higher self select the present. It directed me to a new age shop, in a shopping mall near where I live. I must have walked past this shop 50 times and never noticed it before! In the shop I found this beautiful crystal rock that an artist had chiseled out three dolphins. It seemed they are dancing in surf. It is truly exquisite. In this shop I had an amazing conversation with the shop assistant and during the conversation I noticed for perhaps the first time since I can remember, that I was communicating from my heart chakra rather than my head. My wife was delighted with her gift.
The last few days my wife and I have been meditating in the morning for 15 minutes prior to commencing our days. I have refrained from turning on the television first thing in the morning to check out the U.S. financial markets. Instead apart from the meditation. I have recently started to enjoy the sunrise over the Pacific and listen to the bird life. We are very lucky to live in a beautiful of this planet.
Once again thanks for your wonderful communication.
S. White, banker, Austrialia


Dear Sheoli,
Thank you for a wonderful Awakening Retreat in your Paradise!
I had a very blessed and grace-filled time. All the meals were great, the meditations uplifting and healing, dolphin swims awesome, boat trips exciting and rhythmic, volcano excursion healing and renewing, sunsets and especially Moon sets gorgeous and magnificent, your retreat center relaxing and quiet, Purrl is a purrfect cat.
Most of all, thank you for the gift of your spirit of love and service. You are an example I hope to emulate in my life's work. You have helped to awaken a new spirit of love, peace and joy in me that I will carry forever.
Sheoli you will always be my sister-in-love.
Aloha and Mahalo,
JVB, RN, Appleton, WI

"Thanks so much for sharing with us...memories we will always have of you and the
dolphins, yellow leaves, silver bubbles, your home, the fruit, the love, and more....
I could go on about the beauty of your space, xoxo's from us."
The Shaws, Vancouver, WA


Abundant, reverent,
Swimming, gliding, bubbling,
Light being, pure friend,
Healing, loving, radiating,
Knower, co-creator,
By Rita R. Martinez,July, 2006


Hi Sheoli,
I wanted to thank you again for giving us such a wonderful experience this past week. You were so patient to help Tom feel comfortable in the water and were so generous in sharing the morning snorkel with us - truly the high-light of the trip and a special experience that will remain in my heart forever.
Living there and getting to experience the dolphins all the time must be a true blessing. We would really like to do something special for you to show our appreciation. I want to be able to refer interested people to you for the boat and shore swims, since I know for sure that their experience with you will be positive for the dolphins as well as the visitors.
Again, a big Mahalo for a great two days...and we are looking forward to seeing you again on our next trip.
Best regards,


Dear Sheoli,
Thank you for introducing us to your friends, the dolphins. I was fortunate to swim near them and with them three times. During and after each experience many things arose in my consciousness. It was all summed up after the thrid swim with the following phrase:
"There is no need to chase after God."
At this stage in my life,, nothing cound have been more profound. Thank you for opening your herat and your home, that we might share the joy you have been living with.
Very Sincerely,
Richard Welker

Relax, Rejuvinate, Retreat
Adventure, Explore, Discover
Join Us In This Paradisiacal Wonderland


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