Dolphin Dance DVD

Awakening In Paradise Dolphin Dance DVD
filmed and produced by Matisha for Sheoli Makara

This beautifully filmed DVD gives the viewer an experience of swimming with dolphins in the wild
accompanied by inspirational music, dolphin conversations and whale song.

Infinite Love
Guided Meditations
by Sheoli Makara
with Erik Berglund on Harp

Recorded above Kealakekua Bay, known as a spiritual vortex.
This cd takes the listener on journeys of empowerment, helps clear old energies that no longer serve
and replace what has been released with love, light and strength.
Sheoli's voice is soothing and clear. She guides the listener through a voyage deep inside the Self
and then out into the infinite. Erik Berglund's harp music supports the voyages assisting
the listener stay grounded yet expanded.

Both the DVD and cd are $20 including shipping within the United States.

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