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Reiki Retreats


Rev. Capt. Sheoli Makara, M.A., Reiki Master has been practicing Reiki since 1992 and received her masters degree in 1995. In 1994 Sheoli opened a Reiki clinic with Reiki Master, Dr. Laura Sheehan, D.C., LPN, in Mill Valley, California. This clinic gave level I & II practitioners an opportunity to work on clients consistantly, honing their skills and broadening their experience. The clinic also gave clients the benefits of Reiki who otherwise could not afford traditional and/or naturalpathic medical attention.

In 1996 Sheoli moved to Mount Shasta, California to expand her spiritual awakening. She opened an office and Reiki treatment center where she also taught Reiki level I, II and Master/Teacher courses. During her first year in Mount Shasta her Awakening In Paradise Retreats were born. Awakening In Paradise Retreats
In 2000 Sheoli moved to Hawaii where she offers week long retreats and continues to practice and teach Reiki.
Sheoli has continued to grow spiritually and intuitively through her near daily contact with the dolphins in Hawaii and was inspired to incorporate the energy of Reiki with that of the dolphins. This combination continues to be remarkable. Please see Testimonials