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Dear Sheoli,
Thank you for a wonderful Awakening Retreat in your Paradise!
I had a very blessed and grace-filled time. All the meals were great,
the meditations uplifting and healing, dolphin swims awesome,
boat trips exciting and rhythmic, volcano excursion healing and renewing,
sunsets and especially Moon sets gorgeous and magnificent,
your retreat center relaxing and quiet, Purrl is a purrfect cat.
Most of all, thank you for the gift of your spirit of love and service.
You are an example I hope to emulate in my life's work. You have helped me
to awaken a new spirit of love, peace and joy that I will carry forever.
Sheoli you will always be my sister-in-love.
Aloha and Mahalo,
JVB, RN, Appleton, WI

Higher Purpose

by Bonnie Hunt

Give me your hand Sheoli said, flip your feet and dip your head.

Breath easy now and come with me. And I will guide you into the sea.

She called the dolphin in her own way to join with us to heal and play.

I saw them here, I saw them there. And then I saw our special pair.

We swam with dolphins by our side. I could feel their love deep inside.

They circled us around and round. My Higher purpose I have found.

A gift from God, a special time. A healing, loving paradigm.

"This retreat was the best gift I have ever given myself.
I think often of my swims with such joyful creatures.
There are many things I am thankful for, and meeting you and the dolphins
is certainly among them."
A.B., film technician, Los Angeles

“I wish to thank you for the opportunity that you gave me to ‘renew’ my life.
I have spent the last year re-creating, healing, journal/journeying through
the process of my life. It was due to the grace & tools that you awakened in me,
my greater good. Thank you for the work that you do & the love that you are.”
Rebecca Elsom-Haney, designer and preservationist


THANK YOU one more time for all your love, support, care, kindness,
understanding, patience and for the wonderful knowledge that you have acquired from your
life experience and studies. You truly are amazing and so, so wonderful!
Thank you so, so created a miracle!" P. Novack, corporate c.e.o., Hawaii

"Thank you again from and with the bottom of my heart
for a week filled with many blessings both from you and the dolphins and turtles.
l feel truly blessed... and am sure that choice to be with you was divinely guided."
H.G., massage therapist, Washington State

"Thank you for all you did to help me overcome my fear of the water.
I will always remember the feeling when the dolphins were so close and were circling around us.
I never imagined a time when I was so happy!
Thanks a million! ~ A.C., teacher, England


Dearest Sheoli, I feel we were given a special gift this year when we were
introduced to you. We loved watching you in the water...such a mermaid! The care you gave
to my family was beautiful. I will always remember the special dolphin play that you made possible.
A.M.K., therapist, England


"I am in charge now from my heart with no more mind guiding me.
I feel absolutely wonderful and happy! I know this is just the beginning of a great journey."
L.L., Ontario, Canada


"Now that I learned to live my life from my heart, it is so rich
and full of love that life doesn't have the same meaning anymore. And the big bonus is
that love has found me too. I now nourish myself with meditation every morning.
This keeps me well balanced. I feel that I now go through life with a new meaning."
L.L., Ontario Canada


"Amazing! There I was surrounded by dolphins!
It was so special, communing with these beautiful beings!"
F.H., accountant and parent, New Zealand

"Life is wonderful. I haven't 'come down' from the retreat.
You, the dolphins, all the love I felt from everyone filled me so much that
I was transported to a new level. Life from this new place is divine."
C.M., Administrative V.P. and parent, Iowa

"I learned so much from this retreat which helped me heal on many levels.
Through my newly expanded heart, I feel renewed."
M.L., business administrator, Oregon

"Thank you for the incredible retreat, Sheoli!
I love how you and the dolphins work together to inspire, teach
and open the group on many levels. This is my third retreat and
I keep going deeper and expanding further each time.
Your love, beauty and energy are so inspiring and healing to me."
J.C., entrepreneur, New York

"Magical environment, wonderful people, fascinating tours,
great food, deeply moving experiences, fun, playfulness...all this and dolphins, too!"
K.D., broker, California

"Through Sheoli's 'Creative Activation Programs',
I discovered ways to express my creativity from a deeper place within.
As an artist, the pathways that were shown to me are invaluable in my work."
V.F. artist, San Francisco

"I became lit up from the inside out from this retreat!
I went home healed, rejuvenated, and so happy!"
R.B., professional, Chicago


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