Spiritually Based Personal Growth Retreats,
Vacation Rentals, Respectful Dolphin Journeys, and Weddings.

Established in 1996 on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii

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Paradise Promises

Awakening In Paradise Retreats, Sheoli Makara, dolphin journeys, Lodging, Spiritual Retreats, Hawaii vacations, dolphin assisted therapy

Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies
Re-Commitment Ceremonies
We Welcome and Honor All Unions Based In Love and Respect.


Hawaii Time



Phone: 808-640-1639

Imagine your wedding in a remote tropical paradise
upon a tranquil ocean shoreline,
or surrounded by the grace of magnificent tropical flowers,
or even on a beautiful boat with dolphins as your witnesses.

Tell us your vision and we will bring it into manifestation!


     Choose from a tranquil bay side setting adorned with tall palm trees


...or in a lush setting surrounded by tropical flowers, overlooking the ocean.

Ceremonial Leis & Flowers:







Beach Enhancements


Classical, Hawaiian
and Contemporary Music

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