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In A Far Away Turquoise Sea A Family of Dolphins Come To Me.
They Remember Who I Am And Lovingly Greet Me As Only Dolphins Can...

...Leaping In The Air With Graceful Flips and Spins
Then Returning By My Side With Joyful, Familiar Grins.
Inviting Me To Join Them Weaving Patterns Through The Sea
Inviting Me To Open To That Place Where I Am Free.

Held In These Warm Waters, Feeling Newly Born
Surrounded By This Family, I Know I Am Home.

We Play and Touch and Frolic Beneath the Gentle Waves
They Show Me Where We Came From, Etched On Ancient Caves.
They Awaken All My Memories of Who I've Been Before
Then Help Me Find Forgiveness, To Suffer Never More.

"Its Now Your Time," They Tell Me, "To Join With all Like Souls
To Take Your Stance In the World, Accepting Your New Roles."

"We're On The Edge", They Tell Me, "We Must Forgive The Past
And Live Our Lives From Our Hearts, Allowing Peace At Last."

"Remind All Whose Path You Cross, Simply By Being You,
Living In God's Consciousness, From This They'll Take Their Cue."

"We Are Always With You and Are Grateful For Your Grace.
Your Loving Light Connects Us In A Heartbeat To This Place.
So Call On Us To Help You, and Know We Will Be There.
And Now Come Dance Our Dance With Us and Play and Love and Share!"

And On We Danced 'Till Sunset and On Into Dreamtime
Until the New Day's Dawning and Resumed Our Dance Divine.

inspired during the April, 1998 Awakening In Paradise Retreat
copyright Sheoli Makara April, 1998



Relax, Rejuvinate, Retreat
Adventure, Explore, Discover
Join Us In This Paradisiacal Wonderland


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