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Awakening In Paradise offers a wide variety of private tours
for individuals, couples, families and groups.
Our Tour Menu is below.


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Phone: 808-640-1639

Many people join our Aqua Adventure Tours who are novice swimmers or have never snorkeled before.
Your swimming ability does not matter as we specialize in helping people gain
confidence swimming and snorkeling. Snorkel instruction is provided and guests are taken into the water at
their own pace until they feel ready to go further to meet the dolphins. A swim assistant stays
right by your side and you may use a flotation device until you feel you don't need that kind of
support any longer. The salt water keeps people buoyant. If possible, you may take a snorkel class
prior to visiting us.

Snorkeling lessons are available prior to scheduled tours if needed.
Awakening In Paradise Retreats offers guided Ocean Adventures.
We provide thorough instruction for your safety and guidance
on how to have fulfilling experiences in marine sanctuaries
where marine life, often including dolphins, whales (seasonally) and turtles
call home among beautiful, thriving coral reefs.

Our Sanctuaries Tours take you to ancient and modern Hawaiian sacred sanctuaries
to experience the spiritual traditions found in Hawaii in a most memorable way.

Tour Menu: Rates are listed as the cost per person.

Guided swims from shore: $75.
This is a 2 hour tour including swimming safety
and marine environment education. This tour is for
novice to expert swimmers and snorkelers.
and snorkelers. Join us in exploring a thriving marine
environment where dolphins, turtles and a rainbow array
of aquatic life call home.


Humpback Whale Season is Fast Approaching


Join a beautiful community of people on a large, comfortable boat for my annual 1/2 price whale charters.
WINTER SPECIAL: Dolphin and Whale Journeys.
For only $88 per person plus a tip for the crew, come aboard our 36' boat with a large bow for the best viewing
of the dolphins and whales. This four hour tour offers a morning swim with dolphins and spectacular whale experiences.

2017-2018 Charters:

Call or email for dates

December - April

Charter includes refreshments,
snorkel gear, flotation.

Wet and Wild Kayak Journeys are available year-round depending on weather conditions, includes refreshments.
For the strong of body and adventurous of spirit.
We kayak close to the south Kona coastline into caves and above water arches.
The snorkeling is great along this ancient lava flow.
This is NOT a dolphin tour. We do not kayak near dolphins or swimmers.

Year Round Boat Charters: From $155 per person.
Recommended for swimmers and snorkelers of all levels and great for children.
These four-hour tours are a fun, exciting and safe method
to see Hawaiian Spinner, Spotted and Bottle Nose dolphins, Manta Rays,
turtles and an array of beautiful tropical fish on coral rich reefs.
The views are spectacular of the northern coastline and mountains.
Quite often we see Pilot whales and Whale Sharks on these awesome adventures.


Tour Hawaiian sacred sanctuaries: $65
These walking tours provide historical information and a chance to visit special grounds, sacred to the Hawaiian people.
Many of these places are still used for Hawaiian ceremonies and celebrations.
Guests often comment that as soon as they set foot on these sacred grounds they feel a special energy.

Guided whale watch from 2 to 4 hours: $75 to $155 depending on available charters.
December through March.


Hawaii Time




Phone: 808-640-1639

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