The Choice is Love

On my path, I’ve studied a variety of philosophies, read myriad books, taken numerous workshops, seminars and introspective programs. Early on in my studies, I noticed many common threads which ran through the ancient and modern teachings alike. The most influential being that our greatest expression of God lies in our ability to love. The mere thought of living my life from a foundation of pure love affected me so profoundly that I made a commitment to choose love in all situations, no matter what. My commitment was genuine then as it is now as I continue to practice the art of living in love-based consciousness.

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Heart to Heart

This was the last day of my December retreat. It was a particularly clear morning. The horizon was further out than I remember ever having seen it before.

I had taken the group through our closing morning meditation. It was particularly sweet this morning. We had all gone through so much clearing and expansion of the heart. We had become ever more present.  We had found a very loving and supportive extended family here all of whom we would take with us back into our worlds. After our meditation, as the others were having their breakfast, I scanned over the bay just on the other side of the stone wall from our retreat house. No sign of dolphins. I had a feeling they would visit us here this day. I took this as an opportunity to haul another load of my things I used during the retreat up to my house. On my way back down the hill I sang a sweet chant to the dolphins telling them I was ready to play with them. (dolphin friends, dolphin friends, I am ready to play with you…) I continued this chant all the way down the hill back to the retreat house, into the house onto the deck. I took another look and there they were. I called out to my group and the six of us walked over to the shore of the rocky beach, the gateway to a magnificent, sacred bay. We said a prayer of gratitude and carefully entered the water.

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The dolphins have been so gentle with us these past several months. They have been generous with their teachings in sweet and loving ways. For example, when they greet us in the water they match our pace prolonging our commune time with each other. When we play our leaf game they would drop off the leaves for us to retrieve, knowing we will return the favor. Often they will propel the leaves off their tails right to us. Their gentle grace has been so appreciated as they are so powerful and strong that if they didn’t make the choice to interact with us, there would most likely be no opportunity to connect with them. Yet day after day, year after year, they continue to include us in their play.

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Dog’s Best Friend

During the middle of one of my retreats, I noticed that the dolphins had not come into the bay just outside of our house this morning. Sensing that they were down the coast in another bay, I jumped in my car to check. I arrived to find this bay populated with swimmers, divers, turtles and dolphins.

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Valentine’s Gift

Every now and then dolphins display quite extraordinary behaviors. Each day I have an opportunity to be with them is a blessed miracle in and of itself. Their jumping, spinning and flying through the air is certainly extraordinary enough. Yet, some days these magnificent beings do things with each other and with their human friends that one can only source a “higher knowing” to arrive at an explanation. Today was one of those days.

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The following is a true story that serves as a reminder of one of the most important ingredients in our healing process-faith. Whether the we are healing our bodies, mind, emotions; our relationships, or our immediate to expanded community, with faith ever present in our lives we are able to manifest our intended goals.

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