Dolphins/Naia are one the most intelligent, beautiful, gentle, joyful, yet powerful creatures known. Dolphins have inspired myths, paintings, music, and poetry throughout the ages. They remain the subject of scientific research and are known to be measurably advanced beings. Guests world-wide have noticed vast improvements mentally, emotionally and physically after being with dolphins.


Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins are very social with other species of dolphin, Humpback Whales, as well as humans and dogs.  They are about a foot long when born and grow to just over 5'/180 lbs. The "Spinners" are known for their aerial spins, leaps & flips out of the ocean.

Pan Tropical Spotted Dolphins sometimes join the Spinners and even mate with them. "Spotteds" are energetic and not nearly as social as the Spinners but like to ride the boat wakes. The Spotteds are a little larger than the Spinners with a noticeable white tip on their beaks and white spots that appear approaching adulthood.

Indo-Pacific Bottle Nose Dolphins are known for their size (average adult is 8-13' & 660-900 lbs) and powerful, long leaps into the air (average 20'). The Bottle Nose rarely socialize with humans but love to ride the boat's wake and snag tuna from fishing lines. Bottle Nose are often found around our Hawaiian islands especially during Humpback Whale season (December - April). The Bottle Nose are known to midwife the massive whales, protecting them from predators who would be attracted to blood and splashing in the water.

Dolphin Swimming Guidelines When swimming near dolphins, we are gentle and respectful.  The most non-evasive way to be around dolphins is to just float & allow the experience to come to you. Over the years I have gained the dolphins trust by being sweet and non-aggressive around them. Everything I know about the dolphins, they taught me. Resist the urge to try to catch up to the dolphins. That action is futile and will move the dolphins further away. Allow the dolphins to orchestrate the experience.


    • stay calm & keep arms by your sides
    • resist diving down on top of dolphins, remember they are resting in the daytime
    • resist swimming fast behind dolphins, when resting they swim in large circles so chances are they will return to you
    • be considerate of other swimmers, if you see a dolphin connecting closely with someone, please observe from a distance. The dolphin may be doing a healing on that person & you wouldn't want to interrupt that.

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