Heart to Heart

This was the last day of my December retreat. It was a particularly clear morning. The horizon was further out than I remember ever having seen it before.

I had taken the group through our closing morning meditation. It was particularly sweet this morning. We had all gone through so much clearing and expansion of the heart. We had become ever more present.  We had found a very loving and supportive extended family here all of whom we would take with us back into our worlds. After our meditation, as the others were having their breakfast, I scanned over the bay just on the other side of the stone wall from our retreat house. No sign of dolphins. I had a feeling they would visit us here this day. I took this as an opportunity to haul another load of my things I used during the retreat up to my house. On my way back down the hill I sang a sweet chant to the dolphins telling them I was ready to play with them. (dolphin friends, dolphin friends, I am ready to play with you…) I continued this chant all the way down the hill back to the retreat house, into the house onto the deck. I took another look and there they were. I called out to my group and the six of us walked over to the shore of the rocky beach, the gateway to a magnificent, sacred bay. We said a prayer of gratitude and carefully entered the water.

The water was as noticeably clear as I had observed the sky to be this morning. It was as if we were swimming in liquid sapphire silk. Umm, heavenly. I could see a small dolphin pod a short distance in front of us. They appeared quiet and to themselves. We swam out a little further and stopped to give the dolphins a chance to swim near us if they wanted to. We formed a small circle, treading water and singing my little chant. I then had the thought to change the chant just a little and invite the dolphins to play with us instead of telling them we were ready to play with them. In less than a minute they swam right under us. They were swimming quite slowly so we joined them. Some of us had brought them leaves (their favorite toy) and dove down to drop them off for the dolphins. Each dolphin, even the babies swam around to retrieve the leaves. They picked them up on their pectoral fins, tails and even their dorsal fins. One of the mothers was teaching her baby how to play this game. After catching a leaf in her mouth she would drop it off for her young one and it was caught on the rostrum (head) right between the eyes! Mother and baby seemed delighted by this and continued their play together. This reminded me of how human parents play ball with their children. So adorable!!

After all our leaves were picked up by this pod they sped up and swam away. We took this as a cue from the dolphins and stopped swimming with them and regrouped in our intimate circle once more. We treaded water and began exchanging stories of what we had just experienced when I noticed the dolphins surface. They were heading back toward us. I informed the group and without another word they placed their snorkels back in their mouths and bowed their heads into the water. The dolphins swam about five feet under our bellies, all still carrying their leaves. We joined them as they again slowed down to our swimming speed (ultra slow).

To my right a large male dolphin with one leaf on his left pectoral fin began mirroring my movements. To make sure this was true, I dove under the waves about two feet. Sure enough, he mirrored this movement as well. I dove straight down and just hovered there like I was doing a head stand. He did the same. I spun around and continued my spin until I surfaced. He followed suit and joined me in a synchronistic spiral dance. Then we just floated there on the surface, slowly moving but not really going anywhere. I turn around and began swimming to see if he would follow me. He did. He made his turn and dove down and like my own reflection appeared right underneath me. He was so close that his dorsal fin was about an inch from my heart.

I could feel the warmth of his body radiating up into my body. I spoke to him through my snorkel, telling him I loved him. He then turned on his side and looked straight into my eyes with his right eye. My heart began filling with so much love I felt though I was simply a ball of light. Consciously I focused this feeling back to him and he completed his turn so we were very slowly swimming belly to belly, heart to heart. I felt my heart expand even further as I radiated his loving energy right back to him fully feeling the infinity loop of pure love we were so freely and naturally exchanging.

We continued like this until he needed to come up for air. As he turned and surfaced, I dove under him to resume our heart connection. We continued this way until I had to surface for air. When I did, he resumed his earlier position and we swam slowly along heart to heart sharing such a deep connection, more expansive than I had ever felt before. My desire at that moment was for everyone to open their hearts to this magnitude of love. My dolphin friend must have read my mind because just as I completed my thought, I received a message from him for us to send our co-creation of love out to the world.

With our intentions united we envisioned the world and the masses of all God’s creatures. I took a deep breath and at the same time my dolphin friend and I released our air. His exhalation produced a very large bubble. He turned and surfaced renewing his breath as I swam through his bubble allowing it to pop around my body. He immediately dove down several feet. He then powerfully and swiftly swam skyward, broke the surface of the water and began his flight into the air, then pointed his beak down to make a perfect dive only to power up again and again weaving through the sea and sky in a large circle around me. I watched this magnificent display with joyful delight perceiving his celebration as a sign that our mutual love reached the entire world. Even if it wasn’t understood, this love was felt within the hearts of all beings. This we both knew to be true.

In sharing this story with you dear readers, it is my prayer that you realize the power that lies within each and every one of you and through this power of love you manifest through your intentions for the highest good for all.

Copyrite 2000, Sheoli Makara

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