Manta Rays are stunningly graceful animals and thrilling to see close up. They are beautiful sea creatures whose side fins have evolved into wide triangular wings with which they use to “fly” through the water. These wings range from 4-20 ft. The Manta ray is one of Hawaii’s most fascinating and strikingly beautiful sights. Best way to see the Mantas is after sunset by charter. The experience is other worldly.

Manta Ray evening charters, 5:30pm to 8:30pm - Cost is $105 per person + tip for the crew.
We motor to an location near shore that is a known feeding area for Manta Rays.
On the way, we enjoy the sunset & watch the stars & moon appear.
We provide: snorkel gear, wet suits, flotation, soft drinks, hot coco, salty & sweet snacks.
We offer a warm water shower after your snorkel to rinse off the salt and help warm you up.
Dry bins are available to stow your dry things. Also, you may upload about a dozen photos of your trip.


Dive Into an Adventure of a Lifetime.

Information/Reservations: 808-640-1639

On the Kona Coast, Big Island of Hawaii

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