Join Us on a grand adventure for unique experiences in specially selected paradisiacal wonderlands. In addition to aquatic journeys, we hold ceremonies at Hawaiian sacred grounds.  Our daily practices include meditation, prayer, music, creative expression, yoga, introspective programs, sacred ceremonies and journeys to commune with dolphins, whales and nature’s vast magnificence.

Our programs are based on you, where you are in your life and where you would like to be.  All programs are designed to help let go of what no longer serves and expand wellness, consciousness and joyous hearts.

Morning Meditation & Toning with Crystal Bowls

Rev. Sheoli Makara, M.A., founded Awakening In Paradise Retreats™ in 1996. She offers memorable journeys to exotic, tropical locations where prospective, introspection and inspiration can be revitalized. Sheoli is known as “the dolphin queen” due to her close relationships with dolphins and whales and holds great respect for all marine life. One of her greatest joys is to respectfully introduce people to the dolphins and observe as personal miracles occur.

Sheoli combines her expertise in psychology, Reiki, a strong intuitive sense, with a blend arts, humor, healing modalities, and mindful spiritual practices. The retreat activities are interwoven with focused programs to release non beneficial habits, thought forms, beliefs and patterns.

Upcoming Retreats:

November 7 - 13, 2019

April 2 - 7, 2020

Paying Respects & Making Offerings at Hale Mau'mau

Sacred Time Shared In Sacred Places

Dive Into an Adventure of a Lifetime.

Information/Reservations: 808-640-1639

On the Kona Coast, Big Island of Hawaii

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