Valentine’s Gift

Every now and then dolphins display quite extraordinary behaviors. Each day I have an opportunity to be with them is a blessed miracle in and of itself. Their jumping, spinning and flying through the air is certainly extraordinary enough. Yet, some days these magnificent beings do things with each other and with their human friends that one can only source a “higher knowing” to arrive at an explanation. Today was one of those days.

On this beautiful calm morning I was welcomed into one of the sacred bays by a pod of about 50 dolphins. The group was comprised of large adults, juveniles, mothers and babies. The juveniles were swirling around each other, chasing and playing among themselves. The mothers and babies were in their own group, quietly giving and receiving nurturing. The larger, older dolphins were swimming on the parameter of the groups apparently guarding and guiding their pod.

Five juveniles playfully and quickly swam up to me. They placed me exactly where they wanted me, in the center of their formation. I could feel them scan me with their sonar. I fully absorbed their sounds by taking full breaths and by letting my body completely relax upon the exhales. The waves of their high frequency vibrations moved through me physically, mentally and had a calming effect on my emotions. I could hear and feel my body humming in harmony with their tones.

The two dolphins that were on my immediate left and right suddenly began nodding their heads up and down. Once they were certain they had my attention, I telepathically heard, “one, two, three”. They then began a graceful decent toward the deep blue. I joined them just a second or two later. They came right back up, beaks first, similar to how we humans surface for air. They joined me and formed a circle, beaks facing the center of the circle, bodies outstretched just under the surface of the water. There were five of them and me in this circle. From a bird’s eye view, we must have looked like a child’s sketch of a daisy. I had never experienced anything like this before and paid close attention to what was happening at every moment. Then I heard the counting again, “one, two three.” This time I dove down with them in unison. Our formation changed to an inverted flower elongating to the depths. However, they were able to keep going and I broke formation to rise up for air.

When I broke formation they all looked up at me, followed me and joined me at the surface to form the circle again. One, two, three and down we went. It must have looked so beautiful. It felt divine. I maintained my place in the formation ever more deeply this time until the pressure on my ears became unbearable. I gracefully pealed out of formation and watched them continue their dissent as I slowly rose. Again, they looked up at me, followed me and we came together again in circle.

We repeated this pattern several times before a group of people swam over to us, which caused these five dolphins to swim away. The swimmers continued their pursuit of the dolphins. I remained where I was and rested. While I was floating on the surface gazing up at the sky, my mind was trying to answer the “whys” that were racing through it. The most logical answer that came forward was that these playful dolphins were teaching me how to dive more deeply than I had ever gone before. That was the result. Yet, over the many years of observing dolphins in the wild, I have noticed that they synchronisticly dive while swimming in a forward motion, not from a circular formation and diving straight down. They were most definitely involving me in an unusual behavior. Metaphysically, I would describe it as either a geometric patterning, perhaps even a DNA re-patterning, or an ancient sacred circle dance.

After my pondering, I came out of my rest position and moved into a vertical position known commonly as treading water. At the split second I went vertical, with only my head above the water line, a dolphin tail appeared just inches from my face! Moving only my head, I put my face in the water to see what was going on. She was holding this position perfectly still, her nose near my toes, suspended in space, she was an inverted mirror of my body. When I looked down at her, she imitated my movement just like I had, only moving her head to look back up at me.

At that split second without thought I dove down and this dolphin and I began our decent side by side, upside down. We must have descended about 40 feet before the pressure in my ears stopped me. I spun around to an upright position and allowed my body to slowly rise. That’s when this dolphin started to weave her magic. She began spiraling in a tight formation around my body in a clock wise direction. I tried to keep my eyes on her, but she was moving so quickly I nearly wrenched my neck in the attempt. I surrendered trying to watch her beautiful and fast swirls and simply felt what was happening. I kept still and maintained a vertical position. I was very aware of her and I could see her as she circled in front of me and in my peripheral view.
She began her spiral at my feet, as if she were wrapping me in a ribbon and continued her spiral to just above my head. A trail of tiny bubbles formed off of her fins and tail. (This looked very similar to my retreat logo ribbon which weaves around the people, dolphins and whales.) Right after I broke the surface for a breath, still in a vertical position, there it was. Her tail was in my face, I looked down, she looked back up at me. I dove down, we continued our dive side by side. I reached my depth limit and changed my direction. As soon as I did, she began her spiral around the length of my body. Just as before, she spun around me perhaps a foot away, so fast she became a blur. I ascended slowly with no effort to do so. As I rose she continued her spiral, completing it above my head just in time for me to surface.

When I surfaced, yes you guessed it, tail in my face and we repeated this behavior over and over again. I can’t tell you how many times this experience repeated itself. There were no interruptions from nearby swimmers or other dolphins. There was only she and me performing this very unusual dance. At some point in the midst of this dance, I had the presence of mind to ask her what she was doing spiraling around me. The answer came directly, “I am aligning and clearing your chakras.” I thanked her and asked no further questions.

After what felt like a large slice of eternity, the entire pod of dolphins found us. After she completed her last spiral around me, she gave me several tail slaps on the surface of the water and dove down to join her pod. She merge into their formation and off they went. I thanked them all and bid them a safe journey until we met again.

When I returned to shore, I laid down on a narrow sandy clearing on the rocky beach to integrate my experiences. I closed my eyes and saw swirling patterns of light and dolphins weaving in and out of multicolored hues. My body felt lit up as if I had been plugged into a higher frequency. I focused on the patterns for a while. I watched their movements until they began to rotate. Their spinning motion increased in speed in opposite directions at the same time. The intensity I felt within me increased as well. I focused on my feelings rather than the visuals and allowed the vibrations to permeate every cell. I felt the frequency in my body rise again until I consciously chose to surrender into it and that’s the last thing I remember until I returned to consciousness. I knew I had gone into a very deep place. However what I had when I returned was a feeling of being centered, fully refreshed and vibrant. I had no mental memory of where I had slipped into.

I rose and thanked the mother sea and dolphins for my morning blessings and sent a prayer to the world that everyone would receive the gift this day of balance, alignment and inner peace.

copyrite 2001, Sheoli Makara

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